ZTE, telecommunications giant in the offer of AB S.A.

At the end of 2014, ZTE, a global telecommunications supplier signed a distribution agreement with AB S.A., one of the leaders in IT and electronics distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. The offer of the Wrocław company includes a wide-range portfolio of products for the business sector, starting from simplest office solutions through to devices used in large ICT network projects.

In Q1 2015, AB S.A. will expand its offer by a series of switches from ZTE, supplemented by a wide-range portfolio of network and office equipment, including routers, transmitters, wireless modems etc. ZTE intends to place more emphasis on devices for unified communications, including sets for video-conference and IP telephony.

Commencement of cooperation is a response to changes occurring on the IT market, on which clients are currently seeking technologically advanced products at attractive prices. The signed agreement is also a consequence of introducing a new global strategy - Mobile - ICT, which concentrates on a widely-understood distribution market. ZTE is developing and implementing numerous innovative technological projects, covering areas such as smart City, smart Transportation, e-health, mobile payments and many more.